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What even IS the Senior Model Team?  What are the perks of being a member of the SMT?  Is it free?  How can I be a part of this year’s team? … I feel like every year I get these questions, and I love answering them because I LOVE my Senior Model Team program!

Six years ago there was a shift in my business.  No longer was I photographing everything that moved, but I started narrowing my focus to two main categories:  Seniors and Weddings.  Once I had that focus, I was able to hone my skills in these two areas and specialize in them.  I no longer was a jack-of-all-trades, but someone who had a precise experience created for these two groups of clients.  And when I started shooting sessions with high school seniors, I knew I wanted to do even more with them:  Enter, Senior Model Team.


With time, the SMT has had a few changes, finding out what worked and what didn’t for each group is what has made the experience better with each year.  However, every year, I get the same questions from the upcoming seniors as well as their parents… sooooo, lets get them answered for you…

Question:  What even IS the Senior Model Team?

A Senior Model Team is a group of high school seniors that  want to get their individual senior portraits done by Captured by Colson but also want to have a diverse amount of images throughout their senior year. Each SMT member is provided with a customized individual senior portrait experience as well as invitations to a meet + greet event, and exclusive themed group sessions.  The SMT members may be asked to post on social media from time to time, but there are no referral requirements, only brand loyalty to Captured by Colson Photography.


Question:  What are the perks of being a member of the Senior Model Team?

There is a benefit of being a part of the SMT!

  • Meet + Greet event
  • Senior Swag
  • Discounted Individual Senior Session
  • Exclusive Styled Group Sessions opportunities
  • Add on Professional Hair and Makeup at no additional fee for individual sessions
  • Meeting other seniors from your area
  • Incredible gallery of images from all sessions



Question:  What do you mean by ‘group sessions’? 

Group sessions are exclusive mini-photo shoots in a unique location with a unique location (past group sessions have included Driftwood Beach, Sunflower Fields, Downtown Valdosta, Providence Canyon, Graffiti Bridge Shoot, and Cap + Gown).  While some shots are done as whole group, most of them are of each individual SMT member and fill each individual gallery with more gorgeous images to choose from!

SMT members are invited to join in on these exclusive group sessions and receive additional digital images to add to their senior portfolio.  These sessions are useful because they add diversity from the location/wardrobe choices you made for your individual session.  They’re also really fun and allow you to get to know other seniors who are on the team!  (Last year, two of my SMT girls became college roommates after only knowing each other through this experience!)


Question:  What does being on the Senior Model Team cost?

The real question is this.. would you want a veterinarian taking control of your brain surgery?  Would you want a mechanic creating your sushi rolls?  Would you want an uber driver flying the plane you’re on?  Would you want an electrical engineer fixing your plumbing?

No.  You’d want a specialist, someone who focuses only on their field.  Someone who works to learn all they can about their speciality, pushing themselves to give their clients the best possible product.  And, lucky for you, my speciality is Senior Portraits.  For the past six years my focus has shifted away from #allthethings and turned to only weddings and seniors.  You are getting a senior photographer who has a heart for seniors and experience to make each session incredible.

Once the acceptance emails go out, collection options will be attached.  There are four collections which level from extremely involved with the SMT activities and sessions, down to a basic package, which starts at $650.  Senior Model Team collections are a better value than booking an individual session because of what is added into the experience.  Being on the Senior Model Team is not free, but it is an experience like no other, it includes group sessions, prime individual session dates, professional hair and makeup, gorgeous images, meeting a new group of friends, a senior year documented beautifully.



Question:  How do I sign up?  What are you looking for when choosing the Senior Model Team members?

Signing up to be a part of the SMT is easy!  Just click THIS link and fill out the form (this form will be properly linked when applications open March 26)!  Once the deadline closes (April 16), applications will be reviewed and the accepted SMT members will be notified at the end of that weekend.

When I’m looking through the SMT applications, I’m looking for a few things:  How involved is the senior with their school, clubs, church, etc?  How active are they on social media?  Are they an over-all kind and generous person?  Being comfortable in front of the camera would be an important quality to have, as well as being comfortable meeting new people and making new friends easily.  This is not a popularity or beauty contest, but an exclusive group of seniors who will add to the overall excitement and fun of the group!


Lindsay Colson is a natural light senior + teen photographer. She works with each client to create a customized session experience.  Setting up each girl to look + feel pampered and to be 100% comfortable before and during the session is a vibe that Lindsay takes pride in.

Want to know more about Lindsay?  Click Here!

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