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Camera + Posing basics

All coaching sessions include a 2 hour custom, personalized photography lesson with Lindsay Colson, active camera application around the session location, and of course -- snacks!  Coaching sessions are taught in a "nothing held back" approach with opportunities for specific situational questions.  Homework and an open line of communication is provided so that your new knowledge can be applied and used quickly and effectively!  It is my goal for you to grow in your photography skills!

all coaching sessions include...

Camera + Posing basics

Who is this really for?

If you've got a "nice camera" that's been sitting in a box in a closet, this is for you!

If you love taking pictures and are ready to get off of the "presets" on your camera (sport mode, anyone?), This is for you!

If you're a mom (or dad, or grandma) who just wants to take better pictures of their kids, this is for you!

If you're a beginner photographer who eagerly wants some additional knowledge and confidence, this is for YOU!

If you're an intermediate photographer who has specific questions or just wants some clarity, this is for YOU!

If you've been trying to shoot in "manual Mode" but just can't get the hang of it, this is for you.

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My why

Hey there, Friend!

I am Lindsay Colson, Full-time photographer, telling the stories of my clients, photographing them for their own sake and to freeze time to show their children exactly what they felt on their best day. I've been "officially" a photographer since 2007ish and have a combination of formal training (VSU Art Major), learning through experiences while working with others, and insight through self-taught skill acquiring. Before I took the leap to become full time, I taught art for ten years, which leads me down this natural path of photography education for my coaching clients.  

My journey was not always smooth, but was at some points a very bumpy with a sharp learning curve.  I had major questions that a YouTube video nor reading through a photography book could answer for me, and being able to sit with someone knowledgeable was something I really wanted and needed.  It is my goal to guide my coaching clients into gaining confidence and skills that can be immediately inserted into their picture taking, and to guide them into a place where they feel completely in control of their camera, editing and posing skills.  Won't you join me?

LIndsay Colson is a south georgia based creative who specializes in plantation and estate weddings as well as natural light senior experiences

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