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Sassy, edgy, a little bit more rock-and-roll

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Senior Model Team Group Sessions

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Senior Model Team Group Sessions

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Sweet, Southern and Classic

All Teen Model Team collections include an individual, custom designed and personalized portrait session experience with Lindsay Colson. 

This includes shooting at an outdoor location of your choice, outfit changes and an online gallery where you can easily download, share and print your fully edited, high-resolution digital images. 

Each Teen Model Team member will also have the option to choose from the group sessions available -- the amount of group sessions depend on which collection you choose.


all collections include...

What to expect...


The best possible way to represent YOU is by showcasing your  best qualities!  No crazy editing, weird props or trendy color schemes... just a reflection of who you are!

Reflecting You

I am confident that I can coach you into poses that look natural and beautiful!  No model skills necessary -- you just bring your best spunk or sweetness and let me do the work!  I love making my teens look and feel confident + beautiful!

Comfortable and natural

The big question everyone
always has is the price.  
What's the cost of being a part of
The Teen Model Team
What's the price?

The real question is this.. would you want a veterinarian taking control of your brain surgery? Would you want a mechanic creating your sushi rolls? Would you want an uber driver flying the plane you’re on?  The answer is no -- you want a SPECIALIST who is confident and experienced in their work -- and I specialize in this
Portrait experiences for middle and high school girls. 

The Teen Model Team is a luxury portrait experience above and beyond the average portrait session.  Its confidence building, real + wholesome portraits of this slice of their life.  Its meeting new people and having an unforgettable experience.

This is not for everyone or for every budget, but if incredible, timeless portraits and an experience that will leave her confident + feeling beautiful are a priority to you, then this experience is what you've been waiting for. 

The big question...

Teen Sessions
Begin at $575

Maybe The Teen Model Team isn't what you were looking for? 
Click here to snag a prime date for an individual teen portrait session!

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Sassy, edgy, a little bit more rock-and-roll

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Senior Model Team Group Sessions

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Sweet, Southern and Classic

she said, he said...

C.  felt very comfortable with her once we were at the location, normally she is a little shy, that was not the case it was as if she had know Lindsay her whole life! 

Middle school can be a hard few years especially for girls.
 Lindsay made my daughter feel special from start to finish!  

This experience is like no other, and Lindsay makes you feel so comfortable and literally has the sweetest and kindest heart. I 10/10 recommend to EVERYONE for the BEST pictures you could ask for! 

This experience was definitely a confidence booster!! Not to mention the images are AMAZING!!!

A special time in our daughters life was captured and I’m so thankful we took the time to make this happen. 

Thank you!

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For the moms...

Parents: You are getting a photographer who has a heart for teen girls with the experience to make each session incredible. My purpose for capturing this slice of their life is to increase their confidence, give them an experience they won't forget while providing portraits that are real and wholesome.

I see you there...  Somehow made it to the middle school and High School years and You're struggling to keep up with how much your little girl is changing?  Wishing so much that your daughter would see herself as beautiful as you see her? Looking for a fun experience that will help her grow more confident?

Any of those sound familiar? 
You've come to the right place...

MORe >

 If we are honest with each other, it's likely that this day is going to go so fast that you'll remember very small highlights of it. The cake is going to be delicious and beautiful, your dress and hair and makeup will be flawless and your bouquet will be so stunning. But how do you relay that to your children without photographs of it?   How will you describe the layers of tulle on your dress, the perfect way that the venue hosted the evening of your dreams? 

I feel honored that the images I capture for my couples will last a lifetime. They will be the photos that you cling to during hard times and in times of celebration. The images from your wedding day will be the ones that your children will have etched in their own memories as an example of the love that you started with.  

I see you there... you've waited your entire life to plan this celebration of your love... You're classy, southern and a true romantic. 
And you've come to the right place.

Choosing lindsay to shoot our wedding was the easiest decision we made.  she took time to love us while giving us flawless photos to help us remember this day for a lifetime...

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