Behind the camera

All bundled up, hat, gloves, jacket and helmet. I’d make a little snack for myself in a little bag and dart out the door, holding the camera close to me, strap around my neck. Cranking the 4-wheeler, I’d zoom over the hilly farm to my favorite spots, seeing how they’ve changed in the weeks since I'd been gone. I’d find something interesting -- a bundle of bobbed wire on a fence post -- squint one eye, crank the little gear on the top of the camera until I thought it was right. Then I’d push the button and hear the shutter open and close. The film camera with the 1970s Aztec strap belonged to my grandparents. And these are my earliest memories of the presence of photography in my life: winter, summer sausage, a 4-wheeler and my camera. 

Fast farward about 20 years, through 10 years of marriage, a BFA degree and 80+ weddings later and here you find me!  Full-time photographer, telling the stories of my clients, photographing them for their own sake and to freeze time to show their children exactly what they felt on their best day.

LIndsay Colson is a south georgia based creative who specializes in plantation and estate weddings as well as natural light senior experiences


lets get personal...

When I'm not serving my clients, I'm loving on my family!  Take a little peek inside my slices of life with my husband and #thosecolsongirls

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