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What even IS The Teen Model Team?  What are the perks of being a part of The Teen Model Team?  Is it free?  How can I (or my daughter) be a part of it? 

These are just a few of the questions I get about The Teen Model Team and I love answering them because I cannot wait to see what my Teen Model Team will look like this season!

For the past six years my focus has shifted away from photographing #allthethings and turned to only focusing on weddings and seniors — now I’m adding this absolutely fun age group to my list of favorites — ages 13-17 girls. As a mom of two (rapidly growing!) girls, I’m realizing just how fleeting this “middle childhood” time truly is!

Parents: You are getting a photographer who has a heart for teen girls with the experience to make each session incredible. My purpose for capturing this slice of their life is to increase their confidence, give them an experience they won’t forget while providing portraits that are real and wholesome.


Scroll down this post to see the answers to the most frequently asked questions about The Teen Model Team:

What even IS “The Teen Model Team“?

The Teen Model Team is a group of teen + pre-teen girls that are in 6th-9th grade who are fun, spunky and up for adventure!  The Teen Model Team is a portrait experience created specifically for this age group to help these girls gain confidence and to see themselves the way YOU (– the ones who love them the most!) see them!  The Teen Model Team is a portrait experience focusing on each girl as an individual — their interests, what they’re specifically into right now, building up their confidence by making sure they’re comfortable in front of the camera.


What does being a part of “The Teen Model Team” Include?

The Teen Model Team is a portrait experience — meaning more than one session over the course of December – March.  Here’s what is included…

  • Every Teen Model Team Member gets an individual session with age appropriate professional hair and makeup (working with a hair and makeup artist who has a daughter this age helps us to stay on the right track!)
  • At least one group session with other girls from The Teen Model Team! (This is the most fun part!  Different collections will have different session options)
  • A private online gallery for each Teen Model Team member for viewing, purchasing, downloading digital images and ordering prints from alllll sessions that she participates in!
  • There will be different collections for The Teen Model Team to choose from at the beginning which will help to customize each member’s experience.

What are those group shoots all about?

“The Teen Model Team” does involve ‘group shoots’. Think about group shoots like a mini-session for each girl — scheduled on the same day at the same time for all who choose to be a part of that ‘themed’ shoot.  While there will be a few group shots for fun (as you can see in this blog post), the vast majority of photos will be of the individual Teen Model Team member.  The reason for group shoots is to shoot at a fun and different location to show off a different side of the Teen Model Team Member and add diversity to their gallery.

I do send Pinterest board ideas to help with ideas on what would look best at each group shoot, but that is just a suggestion — not required to follow!

Group shoots are TONS of fun!

Can my daughter wear whatever she wants to these sessions?

Any and all age appropriate outfits are encouraged!  You want to take her shopping to add to this experience — go for it!  She wants to wear her ripped jeans or overalls — sure!  She loved her middle school dance dress and wants to have more photos in it — absolutely!  She wants to add in those favorite pair of grungy tennis shoes — sounds fun!  Does she HAVE to have on her favorite hoodie?  Bring it on!  Let her wear it!  Does it show off who she is in this moment?  Then yes, wear it!

What do you mean “professional hair and makeup?

Your daughter is in middle school, she’s young and fresh faced — we don’t want to cover that up — we want to enhance it!  The hair and makeup artist that I’ve partnered with also has a middle school daughter and will be SURE to maintain the youthfulness of each girl!  The MAIN point of professional hair and makeup is just to add a bit of pampering to this Teen Model Team experience — to start her off feeling extra confident with new lip gloss and a swipe of mascara!  This is a complimentary add on for each session, which can be opted out of if you’d prefer not to have this portion of the experience.


Is it free?

Being a part of the Teen Model Team is not free — it is a luxury portrait experience focusing on wholesome portraits of your daughter at this milestone age.  There are different collections to choose from to customize your experience.   The Teen Model Team Portrait Experiences range from $525 to $1525.  A retainer fee is due at the time you choose her individual session date, but the remaining balance is not due until May 1, 2022!  Paypal invoices can be paid on monthly!

Signing up to be a part of The Teen Model Team does obligate you to commit to the experience.


How can I (or my daughter) be a part of it?

To be a part of The Teen Model Team, grab a parent and click THIS LINK. This makes you officially a part of the TMT!  It takes a retainer fee (which will come off of your balance later) and has some questions that tells me a little bit about you.  Once the deadline closes, I’ll send out collection options and details your individual sessions!

I cannot WAIT for this Teen Model Team experience… it’s going to be such a fun adventure!

Lindsay’s Why…

A note from the photographer here!  As a former middle school art teacher (and mom of two girls!), I fully understand a few things about this age…

Firstly, middle school can be tough — people can be mean and confidence can be low.  I want this experience to help your daughter see herself as YOU see her – and to give her a level of confidence to go with it!

Secondly, I know just how fast this time can go — from sixth grade to ninth, they change SOOOO much and can look like totally different kids! Unless you journal it, take a photo of it or sketch it out, how else are you going to remember the small things about them as they are RIGHT now?  A timeless + classic + true to life portrait will preserve it so well.  

Thirdly, having an adventure together is what memories are made of!  Creating an experience that parents and their kids can enjoy together is something SO special!  Spending time encouraging her through her sessions and gushing over her gallery together will be something she (nor you!) will likely forget!

Want more info?  Need more clarity?  Please feel free to contact me!
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Lindsay Colson is a natural light senior + teen photographer. She works with each client to create a customized session experience.  Setting up each girl to look + feel pampered and to be 100% comfortable before and during the session is a vibe that Lindsay takes pride in.

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