Faith was my first 2021 Senior Model Team session of the summer and let – me – just – say… girl brought it big time.  She started off with HMU in Amanda’s chair before meeting me downtown to start her session.  Because Faith is from out of town (and because her area doesn’t have much […]

Each year I send out a survey to my SMT from that year, and you know what they always have to say?  Their number one request is that they wish they had gotten a chance to get to know each of the other seniors better!  So last year, I put a “Meet and Greet” event […]

Each year Driftwood Beach is one of my favorite sessions to host for my Senior Model Team!  It’s usually at the end of the summer and is a great time for “one last beach trip” before Senior Year officially begins!  We had AMAZING weather (I’m usually super paranoid about the chance of rain, but this […]

Sweet Niki is so exceptional — she is so smart and so kind.  She started off this season hesitant, but once we hit the beaches of Jekyll Island, she loosened up and let her personality shine!  Stories like Niki’s (below) are what convince me that this is what I was meant to do.  Showing a […]

Shayla holds many titles and wears a lot of different “crowns” in her life, already.  When she signed up for the Senior Model Team, I was excited because I’d heard so many good things about her.  Her reputation was spot on — Shayla is confident in a way that makes other people feel confident around […]

Five years ago, I decided to stop shooting everything under the sun and to get focused on a narrow group of clients… this niche included High School Seniors and Weddings.  Once I made this decision, I knew that I wanted to do something special for my seniors… I wanted to offer them an experience that […]

What even IS the Senior Model Team?  What are the perks of being a member of the SMT?  Is it free?  How can I be a part of this year’s team? … I feel like every year I get these questions, and I love answering them because I LOVE my Senior Model Team program! Five […]

This girl boasts a vibrant smile and an even more radiant personality!  Maggie is nothing short of spunky and has the most fun attitude!  I loved working with this cutie down at Quail Branch Lodge for her individual session.  Big oaks, sweet little boats and brick steps made for the perfect location for this senior!  […]

Beautiful, kind, smart, funny… sooo many adjectives to describe this sweet thing.  She’s got a strong quietness about her that I admire!  Kyla chose the Stephen Foster State Park as the location for her individual senior session — a place that I have been before, but only at night and only at Christmastime.  This place […]

Cheerleading, competition dance and church youth group keeps this beauty pretty busy!  I adored working with this bubbly senior so much!  She’s got a big smile and a quick laugh and is just the sweetest thing!  I’m so glad that we were able to get her cheer photos taken at her home stadium — a […]

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