In September, I jet-setted across the country to the west coast for a senior photography workshop with Kirsi and her SnapShot Conference.  I had no idea what kind of knowledge, friendships and experiences I would have there, and they have all benefited my business in big ways!   One of the key components of Krisi’s […]

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” — Charles Swindoll  The details of your wedding day will be the things that set it apart from every other wedding you’ve ever attended.  Sometimes the details look like the behind-the-scenes efforts that you’ve put in (or hired out!) to make things run […]

It was one of those days… where it felt like I just couldn’t get it together, my mind was all over the place.  The house was constantly in a clean it/mess it up cycle of epic proportions, I had a few things to do for ‘business’, all three kids were under my feet and were […]

Let’s journey back to 2009, shall we?! I’d been married for almost a year… been teaching middle school and elementary art for two. I’d gone back to school to get my teaching certificate and was contemplating a masters, possibly even ranking up in my school. I wasn’t looking for a way out, and how on […]

Can we be real for a minute? It’s a Sunday night, the weekend is winding down, the week is about to get all up in your business. And for the last year, I haven’t felt dread over these “last bit of weekend” moments… I’ve actually looked forward to the start of the week — getting […]

A few years ago, I decided to stop shooting everything under the sun and to get focused on a narrow group of clients… this niche included High School Seniors and Brides + Grooms.  Once I made this decision, I knew that I wanted to do something special for my seniors… I wanted to offer them […]

Wedding photography and pregnancy goes together about as well as any big event and a bad weather forecast.  There’s just no predicting what exactly will happen, and everyone honestly just wants the safest and best possible outcome for all involved.  Today’s post is all about how I managed to photograph a wedding at 37+ weeks […]

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