When I scheduled this session back in May of 2019, there was no way I could have known what we would be on the brink of during this group shoot.  It took place the weekend before quarantine, social distancing and school closures.  There were rumors and whispers and worries about what the rest of their senior year would hold, but everything was still very fresh and unknown.  So these girls were (for the most part) carefree and hopeful and had their eyes on the future.  We talked about prom and graduation and show choir and spring break plans.  They twirled their black dresses and smiled brightly in the sunshine and small breeze we had.  They waved their acceptance letters, strutted in their caps and gowns, squeezed their besties and took selfies together!

Just days later, we would get the news that their senior year would be abruptly ended and my heart would break for them.  It still does.  But in being around these girls over the course of the year, there’s one thing I know about them — they are strong.  They are confident and brave and have faced impossible things already in their lives.  They’ve accomplished huge milestones, been loyal participants to events and programs much larger than themselves.  They’re dedicated and hard workers and deserve every dream they hope for.  So while my heart goes out to them, I’m not worried about them.  These girls are resilient and I know they will use this circumstance to propel them further towards the goals they have for their lives.  Sending SO much love to my 2020SMT and to all of those class of 2020 Seniors out there!


Lindsay Colson is a natural light senior + teen photographer. She works with each client to create a customized session experience.  Setting up each girl to look + feel pampered and to be 100% comfortable before and during the session is a vibe that Lindsay takes pride in.

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